I’m an independent PR practitioner with 35 years of experience helping lifestyle companies and brands get noticed. Successful publicity comes down to three things: the strategy, the contacts, and the quality of the writing. But at the end of the day, these results have to translate to the bottom line which is where a solid strategy comes in. I’ve worked with large hospitality companies to open luxury resorts, small artisan food manufacturers to increase sales, wine- and spirits-makers to introduce new products, national entertainment venues to increase attendance, and cannabis brands to establish category leadership. As an independent entity, I offer curated services that are affordable and customized to meet each client’s needs and budget.


  • Publicity for B2B and B2C across a range of media including health, lifestyle, business, finance, culture, niche
  • Thought leadership for company principals in key business and industry press
  • LinkedIn strategy for thought leadership
  • Content for websites and social media
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