About me

by Beth Graham

Hi! I’m Beth, a baby boomer blogger. I spent 30+ years in PR working with food, travel, and lifestyle brands (and most recently cannabis). Today, I create content through my blog and microblog (Instagram @BethGrahamLifestyle) as a baby boomer blogger for a 50+ audience of midlifers, empty nesters, and baby boomers who are interested in food, travel, wellness, fashion, and design. I call upon my experience working with top brands in PR to tell stories that resonate with readers.

My stories have appeared in Saveur Magazine, Eating Well, Islands Magazine, AARP The Girlfriend, She Knows Media, The Local Palate, Lonely Planet, Travelocity, Orbitz, Just Luxe, Luxe Getaways, and other publications.

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I am a baby boomer blogger who writes about food and travel.

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