by Beth Graham

  • Public Relations Strategy for travel, cannabis, & wellness
    I’m an independent PR practitioner with 35 years of experience helping lifestyle companies and brands get noticed. Successful publicity comes down to three things: the strategy, the contacts, and the quality of the writing. But at the end of the day, these results have to translate to the bottom line which is where a solid strategy comes in. I’ve worked with large hospitality companies to open luxury resorts, small artisan food manufacturers to increase sales, … Read more
  • Why Lake Maggiore is a Better Choice Than Lake Como
    While most visitors to Northern Italy flock to Lake Como in hopes of catching a glimpse of the island’s most famous resident, George Clooney, many are missing out on what is truly the region’s most impressive lake, Lago Maggiore. Surrounded by mountains and a rigid coastline, Lake Maggiore has a completely different feel from the more popular Lake Como; the road surrounding the lake is at water level in contrast to Lake Como’s which takes … Read more
  • Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance
    I bet that three years ago most of us were not even considering travel insurance. Then bang! Covid hit and everyone was asking the question, “Do I need travel insurance?” Fortunately, during the height of the pandemic, most airlines and hotels allowed for cancellations. But as Covid rates slowed down, those cancellation policies ramped up again. So before we dive into the world of travel insurance, let me tell you a few personal stories.  My … Read more
  • How to Survive ProLon FMD 5-day Fasting Nutrition Program
    I’m just a girl, staring at a bowl of soup, wishing it to be an Italian sub. Consider this my PSA in how to survive the ProLon fasting program, and especially Prolon Day 1. I’m now on my second ProLon experience and I’m a convert. (This is not a paid post – I purchased the program on my own = honesty!) I was interested in trying it for a couple of reasons. First, I truly … Read more
  • How to Get Business Class Tickets for Cheap
    True confession: I’m a diva when it comes to travel. I like full-service hotels, I like to have a very detailed itinerary (that’s why I created this site – to share my OCD planning tips), and when I fly overseas, overnight, I must have a lay flat seat. Who the heck sleeps sitting up? But I’m also not a millionaire or lottery winner. So I guess that makes me a champagne flyer on a water … Read more

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