Family Cruise: Christmas in Cozumel

by Beth Graham

I’ve learned that escaping the craziness of the holidays is the best Christmas gift I could myself, or anyone else for that matter. My kids are older teenagers now, so quite frankly, spending money on a family cruise just makes everyone happier. So each year, we take off for somewhere warm (my Florida body can no longer handle the snow of our favorite ski destinations) to escape the frenzy of family and friends.

When my husband and I were first married, we lived in San Antonio. One of our favorite long weekend escapes was Cozumel. This was 25 years ago, long before the island was built up and such a tourist destination. We traveled everywhere by moped and occasionally, we’d make the trip around the entire island without ever seeing another person.

With it being one of our favorite destinations in our pre-children years, we decided to take our kids back there, opting for a Carnival Cruise that docked in Cozumel on Christmas Day. After several relaxing days on the cruise ship, we arrived in Cozumel for some sun and fun. The island was relatively quiet with it being Christmas morning so we ventured off in our rented Jeep to show the kids our hold haunts. I had remembered from years before, a tiny little secluded bar on the undeveloped side of the island. So we set off to find it. And we did. And it proved to be the perfect place to spend a lazy Christmas day.

And because no trip to the islands would be complete without a visit to Carlos and Charlies, we decided it was the perfect time to expose our kids to the craziness.

And now I’m looking towards this year’s Christmas adventure. Not sure where it will be yet, but each year we seem to top our adventures from the previous year!

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