Listen to these podcasts for inspiration

by Beth Graham
listening to podcasts for inspiration

I’ve become a bit of a podcast junkie. Yep, I’ve replaced my favorite spotify playlist with podcasts for inspiration. I started listening to podcasts to give me ideas for writing and growing this blog but they’ve slowly become my form of entertainment. I’ve done a few (too many) cross-country drives and podcasts are what kept me going, especially binge-worthy true crime series (I’ll share those in a later post).

I listen to podcasts for inspiration when I walk in the morning and when I cook dinner at night. I listen while I’m sitting on the beach and walking the dog. Yep, I’m addicted. Podcasts are incredibly entertaining. And educational. So what am I listening to?

My favorite podcasts

Fresh Air – I’ve always listened to NPR’s Fresh Air but life’s been a bit busy lately and I can’t always catch it on the radio. So I love listening to the podcast on my own schedule. I especially love Terry’s interviews with authors and I’ve been known to buy a book (or 10) because I’m so intrigued by the author. I’m a nonfiction junkie. 

Catch & Kill – This is Ronan Farrow’s podcast on his investigative reporting high-powered and corrupt celebs like Harvey Weinstein and (ahem) others. It’s fascinating reporters and interviews with those behind the scenes who help expose (there’s a pun there) their crimes. 

Splendid Table – It’s not secret. I’m a foodie. One of my favorite pasttimes is reading chef autobiographies but I also love listening to podcasts about chefs and food. I’ve followed The Splendid Table for years and absolutely love the interviews they do in their podcast. It’s great sound to cook to!

Work Party – I do love listening to podcasts to inspire my creativity as a writer and publicist. Create & Cultivate is one of those websites and digital communities that I often turn to for ideas and inspiration. So I loved it when they launched a podcast where they often interview other girlboss entrepreneurs in creative fields. 

Dr. Will Cole – You know I had to have a health-oriented podcast on my list! Dr. Cole doesn’t have his own podcast but he often appears on other podcasts talking about functional medicine, an alternative, holistic approach to health that looks at root causes of issues rather than just covering them up with meds. He’s fascinating! 

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